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About National Skills University, Islamabad


The National Skills University Islamabad is a non-profit public sector university established by the Federal Government of Pakistan. The National Skills University Islamabad is the first public sector university established on the premises of fast job transformation challenges associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This higher education institute differs from the conventional higher education institutes by paying more attention to inculcating job-ready skills among learners besides their cognitive development.

Graduates of this university are expected to have ample knowledge of workplaces in their field of specializations due to its pedagogical practices focusing more on discipline-specific practical experience. This will involve both trainings in the university laboratories as well as working in the field with industrial collaborators of this institution through Co-op programs.

Brief History

The Federal Government established the National Technical Teachers’ Training College (NTTTC) in 1985 under ADB assisted Technical Education Project for quantitative and qualitative improvement of Technical Education in the country. Similarly, the Federal Government established an Institute for Promotion of Science Education and Training (IPSET) in 1989 for qualitative improvement of Science Education in the country.

Later, in 1997 the Federal Government merged NTTTC and IPSET and renamed it as the National Institute of Science and Technical Education (NISTE) and declared it as Subordinate office of the then Ministry of Education.

In 2010, after the 18th amendment in the Constitution, the Federal Government decided to upgrade NISTE into Degree Awarding Institute (DAI) to offer various undergraduate and graduate-level engineering technologies programs to meet the requirement of the industry of the country.

In the light of international and particularly the regional trends, the Government decided to upgrade NISTE into National Skills University (NSU) to meet the technical human resources requirements of industry and other sectors of the economy.

The Parliament of Pakistan approved the Act to Upgrade NISTE into National Skills University, Islamabad on March 07, 2018, and subsequently the President of Pakistan approved NSU Charter on March 12, 2018.

The main objective of establishing the first-ever National Skill University is to produce a substantial number of high-quality graduate and post-graduate technologists professional in a variety of current disciplines to meet the national demands.


The National Skills University will be an institution of contemporary skills- based education, producing highly competent graduates meeting the exceptional demands of employers’ needs nationally and internationally. Besides skills training, we aim to empower working professionals through reskilling and upskilling.


  • Right information about a skills sector
  • Defining career pathways of learners (skills) in collaboration with government and employers
  • Designing the curriculum aligning with learners’ future job roles
  • Preservation of existing skills (good and beneficial) and creating opportunities for emerging skills
  • Upgrading curriculum aligning with contemporary technologies and global needs